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D&D Walk-In Adventures

Are you a fan of Stranger Things who wants to see what this Demogorgon thing is all about? Or maybe you’re a seasoned D&D player who’s looking for a fun one-shot session to let off some steam? Our Walk-In Adventures night is a chance to play through a short adventure with one of our seasoned DMs without the pressure of committing to a long-term campaign. We’ll provide the dice, rulebooks, and pre-made characters for you to customize - whatever your experience level, just bring your lovely self and we’ll have you slinging spells in no time.

Note: If you prefer to play with a character you’ve already created, just give us heads up so we can get everyone’s levels sorted. We love meeting your characters!

Saturdays at 6pm, $20

Earlier Event: August 10
Game Demo: LOTS
Later Event: August 11
Game Demo: Tiny Epic Mechs