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D&D Campaign Adventures

Ready to take your Dungeons & Dragons game to the next level? Our D&D Campaign Adventures provide a 6-week experience where your character can truly develop and flourish in a completely unique story arc. You’ll face more intense challenges, get the chance to level up, forge deeper relationships with other characters, and make choices that will impact a larger story. 

Registration is now open for: Howl of the Blood Moon (Begins July 10th)

A fragile peace exists within the nation of Galahar, as they enter into the fourth year since The Weeping War with the elven nation of Aravaine. The traitorous knights who started the war have been cast out, and both sides have a tenuous peace accord. However, not all is well. There’s been a recent prophecy foretelling, “Six eyes open as dark blades are borne, gold is shattered by twisted thorn. Mountains thawed by streams most foul, and shadows writhe at the blood moon’s howl.” As scholars and mages rush to decipher this message, it is up to you and your comrades to investigate and find out the dark truth that awaits! 

Wednesdays at 7pm
6 weeks starting July 10th

Earlier Event: July 31
Summer Board Game Club
Later Event: August 1
Yu-Gi-Oh! Night