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H.A.T.S. - Huntington Adventure and Treasure-Seeking Society

Welcome, Adventurers, to the Huntington Adventure and Treasure-Seeking Society!  H.A.T.S., for short.  We seek hardy souls who want to explore their own imaginations.  Ever want to fight flying, fire-breathing lizards?  Venture into haunted castles? Retrieve shining crowns and other artifacts?  Poke an ogre with a wooden stick? Not that we recommend that last one…

H.A.T.S. is a Role-Playing Game group for playing a variety of games.  Once a month we meet to play an RPG at the Main Street Game Café in Huntington to enjoy something a bit different. If you've ever wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons but weren't sure where to start, this is a great place.  Each time we meet it will be a fresh story and characters, so no worry if you miss one or haven't been to one before.  I will bring everything you need, so just pack your sense of adventure.

THIS MONTH: Tenra Bansho - “All Things in Heaven and Earth”

The Shinjiyutori family has been one of the "Digger-Clans" of Tsushima for nearly 20 years, using the Northern Court's new mechanized Yoroi-Armour to dive to the floor of the Soratsuzumi sea and scavenge the powerful Mekiyo artifacts remaining in the wake of the fall of the Bridge of Heaven. The family has always been about more than blood, taking in vagrants and turning them in to loyal clan-mates. But when hooded strangers arrive on their doorstep, begging sanctuary from the brutal mercenaries pursuing them, their ideals will be tested. For the strangers carry with them a secret that could break hearts... Or nations.

Tenra Bansho Zero is one of the first major translation of a Japanese created RPG and is a fascinating look at a game developed in a non-English-speaking country. Simple but evocative rules designed for short story format makes this game one of my favorites to play with new people. Expect high drama, high action, and good fun.

Sunday, August 18th
12pm, $10

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