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Welcome to Main St. Board Game Cafe!

Welcome to Main St. Board Game Cafe! We believe that games are for everyone, and we’re excited to become your neighborhood destination for strategy games of every kind. Whether it’s nostalgia for board games you played as a kid or trying your hand at modern board games, this is the place for an analog entertainment experience.

Walk-in anytime with friends and family and check out our library of over 300 board games, or meet local gamers at one of our many special events. No matter your experience level, our expert staff is here to guide you to the perfect game and offer instruction for a unique, interactive outing. $10/person ($5 for children under 12) gets you up to 4 hours of gameplay with assistance at the ready. We also carry most of the hottest new board games for sale along with many kids and family classics curated by our staff of board game connoisseurs. And while you’re here, grab a coffee, a snack, or dessert at our cafe!

Bringing the magic of board games to kids

We believe that unplugging for even an hour or two and spending quality face-to-face time with others is crucial for child development, and board games - with their focus on problem-solving, cooperation, math, reading, and communication skills - are a joyful and exciting way to boost that development. Our after-school programs are tailored for each age group to maximize fun and encourage a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Check out our Kids & Teen Programs page for details!

Your local destination for gaming events

Whether you’re looking to jump into a Dungeons & Dragons adventure, draft the latest Magic: The Gathering set, or learn a hot-off-the-presses board game with one of our dedicated staff members, Main St. has you covered. Take a look at our Adult Programs for upcoming events, and if there’s an event you’d like to see in the future, let us know!

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