Check back often - we will be adding new events in the coming months!

New Board Game Night

Ready to add another board game to your repertoire? Be among the first to experience brand-new board games and be part of the buzz, or learn a classic you’ve always wanted to try! At our New Board Game, we will introduce you to a newly published (or an older game that we just love), walk everyone through the rules, and of course, give it a try (or three)! Have a new game you’re dying to try with a group? Let us know and we’ll bring it to the table!

Mondays at 7 PM, $10

D&D Walk-In Adventures

Are you a fan of Stranger Things who wants to see what this Demogorgon thing is all about? Or maybe you’re a seasoned D&D player who’s looking for a fun one-shot session to let off some steam? Our Walk-In Adventures night is a chance to play through a short adventure with one of our seasoned DMs without the pressure of committing to a long-term campaign. We’ll provide the dice, rulebooks, and pre-made characters for you to customize - whatever your experience level, just bring your lovely self and we’ll have you slinging spells in no time.

Saturdays at 6 PM, $20

Note: If you prefer to play with a character you’ve already created, just give us heads up so we can get everyone’s levels sorted. We love meeting your characters!

Magic: The Gathering Draft

Draft the latest Magic sets and win prize packs and promos in a relaxed, friendly environment. We’ll take care of the pods, packs, judges, and points - just bring those skills! If you need a refresher on rules, feel free to come in early and one of our staff will be happy to guide you.

Fridays at 7PM, $15

Classic Game Night

Looking for a casual challenge in of Chess, Scrabble, Backgammon, or any other classic game? Find your next opponents at our Classic Game Night, where we’ll provide the games and instructions and you provide the top-notch skill. Feel free to bring friends, or come meet someone new!

Mondays at 7PM, $10