Events & Programs

Join the adventure.

Ready to try something new?

Whether you’re looking to jump into a role-playing adventure, draft the latest Magic: The Gathering set, or learn a hot-off-the-presses board game with one of our expert staff members, Main St. has you covered. Reserve your spot in advance or simply walk-in!

D&D Walk-In Adventures

Are you a fan of Stranger Things who wants to see what this Demogorgon thing is all about? Or maybe you’re a seasoned D&D player who’s looking for a fun one-shot session to let off some steam? Our Walk-In Adventures night is a chance to play through a short adventure with one of our seasoned DMs without the pressure of committing to a long-term campaign. We’ll provide the dice, rulebooks, and pre-made characters for you to customize - whatever your experience level, just bring your lovely self and we’ll have you slinging spells in no time.

Saturdays at 2 PM, $20

Note: If you prefer to play with a character you’ve already created, just give us heads up so we can get everyone’s levels sorted. We love meeting your characters!

D&D Campaign Adventures

Ready to take your Dungeons & Dragons game to the next level? Our D&D Campaign Adventures provide a 6-week experience where your character can truly develop and flourish in a completely unique story arc. You’ll face more intense challenges, get the chance to level up, forge deeper relationships with other characters, and make choices that will impact a larger story. 

Stay tuned for our announcement of the next campaign!

Wednesdays at 7pm
6 weeks

Friday Night Magic

Draft the latest Magic sets and win prize packs and promos in a relaxed, friendly environment. We’ll take care of the pods, packs, judges, and points - just bring those skills! If you need a refresher on rules, feel free to come in early and one of our staff will be happy to guide you.

Fridays, $15

4:30PM Early Draft (ages 16 and under)

7pm Regular Draft

Magic: The Gathering Commander Night

Come play some casual Commander with us! Also known as EDH, this is a format of Magic: The Gathering where decks contain 100 cards with no duplicates (except basic lands), players start with 40 life, and each deck has a “commander” who can be summoned from outside the battlefield. Show off your best deck, participate in a pack raffle, and have fun!

Mondays at 7PM, $10

Warhammer & Mini-Painting Night

Prepare for war! Roll out your Warhammer armies or use our in-store models and play the most popular tabletop war game in the world. If you’re looking to paint, we’ll have a designated area and brushes to use - plus, participants can take 10% off any purchase of paints and supplies!

Interested in seeing Kill Team, Escalation League, or any other Warhammer programs at our store? Feel free to contact us.

Tuesdays at 7PM, $10

Yu-Gi-Oh! Night

Come down and play some casual duels, meet new players, and enter a pack raffle at our Yu-Gi-Oh! night! We’ll be highlighting different formats on different weeks, but any kind of casual play is always welcome. If you’d like to learn how to play, we can also teach you the rules and help you build a deck!

Thursdays at 7pm, $10

H.A.T.S. - Huntington Adventure and Treasure-Seeking Society

Welcome to the Huntington Adventure and Treasure-Seeking Society! If you've ever wanted to branch out into RPGs but weren’t sure where to start, this is a great place. We’ll be playing a different game each month, and most will be similar to D&D, but simplified for quicker play. Each time we meet it will be a fresh story and characters, so no worry if you miss one or haven't been to one before. We will provide everything you need, so just pack your sense of adventure!

One Sunday each month - September TBA
12pm, $10